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LEKI | Making of Trigger 3D

Trigger S becomes Trigger 3D. 21 years ago the Trigger System revolutionized the market and shaped an era. Now LEKI has optimized its proven trigger technology and made it even better. Even more control, even more comfort and even more security!

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/leki.ski.outdoor/

Video Leki #slowmo keren

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Nordic Walking - "How to" with LEKI poles

Nordic Walking is the fitness rage of Europe. It is emerging in the USA. Simply, it's walking with poles to engage the upper body. When "just walking" you only use 70% of your body's muscles. Using poles, you'll up that to 90%. Because you are now pumping blood to areas that normally just go along for the ride, your heart rate goes up. You'll burn about 20% more calories than just walking and you'll breathe in more oxygen due to your upright position. And VERY important - NO joint pain. Doctors love it.

The prestigious Cooper Institute in Dallas has tested this. It works. Plus you do not feel any more tired than just walking! LEKI is the world's leading maker of Nordic Walking Poles (and ski poles and trekking poles). They are the best.

I'm a master instructor for the American Nordic Walking Assn., and made this video to help people do it correctly. I see too many people trying - but are really only taking their poles for a walk. Without proper training, the benefits will not come your way.

Fitness is only a step away.

Come to my website and learn more. rickdeutsch.com

See my YouTube channel for more outdoor oriented videos.

Carpe Diem,

Rick Deutsch




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